All weddings have tangible elements - the flowers, the invitations, the attire, the venue, the menu, etc. At the end of the night, though, these elements will disappear. The flowers will wilt, the venue will close, and the party will end. However, there is one thing that will never vanish – the memories remembered and the feelings they evoke. 

No matter where you are at any moment, the memories of your wedding will always be there. And, those memories will conjure up priceless feelings whenever thought of. They cannot be perfectly replicated in real life, only in one’s mind, just like pieces of art.

Amanda Rose Weddings acts as an “artist curator” to each wedding, finding the inspiration from your “palette” to plan and design your love to each other and guests. Amanda Rose Weddings takes each blank palette and turns it into a masterpiece for you. 

Our concept is a fresh look at designing and planning weddings. We take a customized approach to all of our weddings no matter what the size and your needs. 

Please contact Amanda Rose Weddings and Events at 843.757.9205 or visit our website